Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Best Thing About "The Holiday" is Cameron Diaz's Wardrobe!!

It's early December which means it is absolutely acceptable by society to watch a Christmas movie, whether it be a classic or the Mistle Tones on ABC Family starring Tori Spelling and one of the Mowry twins. But one of the movies that I plan to watch at least 10 minutes of everyday when it plays in TBS is The Holiday.

The 2006 romantic Christmas comedy starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black, one of the most random groups of actors you could ever imagine. Director and writer Nancy Meyers actually wrote the film with those four actors in mind believe it or not. I mean it made sense for Cameron Diaz to be there but I find it's always weird when Kate Winslet is in a movie where she doesn't have to wear a corset or sits in a bath tub for hours. I feel like she probably did this because she was so sick of being nominated for the Oscar at this point and losing so she thought I'm gonna do a simple romcom where I get to go hang out at a pool in LA instead of filming in freezing water or you know, pretending to be a Nazi sympathizer.)

 I mean he was sweet in the movie but it was kind of hard to take him seriously. Jude Law looks good anywhere (except for in the new Anna Karenina where he looks like a pedophile.)

Anyway, the movie, in the grand scheme of things is not wonderful, especially because Cameron Diaz's character, Amanda, is just annoying. But her wardrobe is friggin' fantastic! We don't know how she fit in all those sweaters and jackets in her suitcase, but that is the magic of the cinema.

Let's take a look at some of her best looks in the movie.

Everyone looks this good after an international flight

So cozy

Holiday snazzy

Great coat

Most adorable sweatpants ensemble ever

The perfect frolicking outfit

And you can sport The Holiday look too!

The Holiday look

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