Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cannes! Cannes! Cannes! Carey! Carey! Carey!

Cannes is here. Of all the film festivals, Cannes is definitely the most glamorous. Sundance is a hippie cowboy fest and an excuse for celebrities to wear giant sweaters and Tribeca is for the New York hipsters and an excuse for celebrities to wear beanies in April. But Cannes is in France! Cannes is all about the Hollywood glamour!

And the women this year did not disappoint. But Carey Mulligan, who has returned to "it girl" status has been a standout. She has been a standout all month promoting her film The Great Gatsby. I saw it this week and though I was reluctant because Baz Luhrmann films disturb me (there is so much going on) I was really pleased with how this one turned out. Carrie was excellent as the weak Daisy Buchanen but let's face it, this film was all about Leo. I swooned when he stepped on screen in Romeo & Juliet and I did it again with this film. Khakis and a crew neck sweater have never looked so good (sorry Winklevoss twins.)

But anyway, back to Carey. She looked amazing in her pink Christian Dior dress (the rain seemed to make it even more beautiful) and other various outfits.

Some pointed out that the dress was a little reminiscent of Gwyneth's famous Oscar gown but I think Carrie's fits a little better and it isn't quite as princess-y.

Love this black jumpsuit for a day event at Cannes

I don't understand it but I don't hate it. 


Loved this dress at The Gatsby premiere

At GMA looking very Hollywood

Cute and casual

With her cute husband Marcus Mumford

Great travel outfit

And now for some other cute Cannes looks:
Emma Watson

Isla Fisher

Julianne Moore

Nicole Kidman

Marion Cotillard

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