Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rachel McAdams' Style is on Fire and She Has a New Movie about Time Travel!

Rachel McAdams has been pulling off some fierce fashion this week as she promotes her new film About Time.

That's right. Rachel is in another movie about time travel and it looks adorable. She also has this other film about like corporate espionage where she has an affair with a woman that looks pretty good. But what is most important is she has a lot of excuses to go out and show off her awesome,  very edgy, sometimes risky style.

You gotta love Rachel. I mean this is Regina George we're talking about.

And what about The Notebook? I mean this is the woman who managed to date The Gos for like three years (oh that MTV Movie Awards kiss will always be amazing!)

Rachel has always taken risks with her style and she should be commended for that. And for the premieres this week, she is pulling all the stops. 

She managed to pull off pink streaks and look classy

Love a girl that can pull off yellow

Loved this Oscar dress

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  1. i love her! she has such great style and is a wonderful actress!