Monday, January 16, 2012

I am obsessed with this whole women's smoking slippers thing going on

Have you seen these new like fancy slippers everyone is wearing? even dared to ask, "Are smoking slippers the new ballet flats?" Like, woah.  They look a little bit like TOMs but less annoyingly hipsterish. These are like the most distinguished of impractical footwear. It's like designers just woke up one day and said why haven't we been taking more fashion cues from Hugh Hefner. I am pretty sure bathrobes are next. But what I love about these is they are so preppy but at the same time they make this great kind of feminist/Katharine Hepburn-like statement. Plus so comfy! I just ordered a leopard-print pair and I am sure that will be just the beginning for me.

You can go with the really old, formal ones that make the statement: "I have a butler and I know it."

Or get a little funky and have skulls on them or monograms!!!

I may have to get these green ones next.

Let's take a look at some of the celebs that are in on the trend.

Nikki Hilton is a repeat offender.

As is Olivia Palermo

Alexa Chung but of course

Love this look. She has cats on her shoes!

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