Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why I Love 2 Broke Girls!

This has been the year of girl comedy. First we had Bridesmaids which scored critical raves, took in $288 million worldwide and has now been nominated for two Oscars, including best screenplay. And then we had the slew of television shows that debuted featuring female leads, many of them comedians. Most of them survived and continued to thrive like Whitney (not my fav, but it's getting better), New Girl (which despite some annoyingness or adorableness, is legit funny), Suburgatory (which will have a Clueless reunion soon. Funsies!) Are You There, Chelsea? (still pretty shaky, but give it time.) Then we have GCB(Good Christian Bitches) to look forward to as well Don’t Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23 coming to ABC. Apparently ABC really likes the B-word. Funny women are everywhere. As Judd Apatow said recently, "Jerry Lewis once said that he didn’t think women were funny. So I’d just like to say, with all respect, f*** you.". 

But my favorite one that debuted is 2 Broke Girls. Yes, it is not everyone's cup of tea. It was pitched as "Laverne and Shirley on crack" so if you don't find that enticing, then this is not for you. It is quippy and maybe a little racially insensitive, but I think it sends a great message to young women (minus the racial stereotypes.) You can come from nothing and work your way up the trenches or you can have everything and then lose it all in a Ponzi scheme and still recover. In case you don't know the show is about two girls: Max (because aren't all poor girls named Max? Well, and really, really rich girls) who has been broke forever and has developed a "I hate the world" attitude because it never helped her, but is hilarious and then Caroline, a blond socialite who has had everything served to her on a silver spoon until she loses all her money cause her dad is the next Bernie Madoff. Max is played by independent film queen Kat Dennings and Caroline is played by perky newcomer Beth Behrs (she looks a little like Paris Hilton but is not annoying and is excellent in this role.)

Together they are waitresses in a diner in Brooklyn and yes, if you want to hear a bunch of jokes that make fun of hipsters then this is your show. But in addition to being waitresses they are also trying to start a cupcake store so they are teaching lessons about entrepreneurship! The plot is really nothing new. People have always been fascinated by (wrong side of the tracks, extremely attractive) poor people. Almost as much as they are fascinated by rich ones. This combines both of those plus with jokes from Sex & the City creator Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings. All I am saying is, it's great to watch shows like Revenge where we get to watch crazy, rich people make a mess of their lives but sometimes it's nice to come home and see people hustling just as hard as we are. Plus, hipster jokes, a horse and cupcakes!

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