Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh the fashion of the Golden Globes!

I have to say the looks at the Golden Globes this year were all around not great. There were a few standouts but nothing to write home about like last year. I think my favorite was Amy Poehler. Amy is not only absolutely hilarious on Parks & Recreation and deserved 8 Emmys but she always looks perfect at awards shows. Her dress was just exquisite (plus having Will Arnett on your arm doesn't hurt.)

Though there were a few bright spots like Julie Bowen (who looked less strung out than usual) and Dianna Agron who looked stunning in red there were lots of "What made you decided to do this?" Like Zooey Deschanel. She looked like she was wearing a costume in her play. Her poor sister Emily wasn't much better. It was like she picked out a dress from the Dynasty-reject collection. And she ripped it in half. Emma Stone looked lovely but it seemed like she was taking the Twilight trend a little too seriously. Remember your pretty peach dress from last year Emma? It's okay to embrace the light side. And then what the heck was Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing? It had like waves on it and was just a big giant mess.
Julie Bowen

The sisters Deschanel

What is happening?

Here were a few of the ones I liked:

Maria Menounos: I don't love the sequins but I commend her for the bold color choice and she looks great.

Felicity Jones: I just love her.

Jaime King: Don't usually love her stuff but this works. 

Emma Stone: Gorgeous and interesting.

Jane Levy: She is swimming in this but I like it. 

Love the retro look on Kristen Wiig.

This is a little boring but I think she looks lovely. I like that she kept everything else simple.

She is really sticking with this somber thing but it's a great dress.

Only Charlize could pull this off but she looks stunning.

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