Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jessica Biel has awesome style

Oh Jessica Biel. I remember first seeing on her the awful show that was 7th Heaven. If you had told me then that she would be the one to be the biggest movie star of them all I probably wouldn't have...actually look at the rest of that cast. Who the hell else could have a career like hers? Maybe Barry Watson but certainly not the girl that played Lucy and where the hell is Ruthie? Though to be fair, Simon was very good in Super 8 (an excellent film by the way.) But anyway, Jessica Biel is gorgeous and a relatively good actress. She is queen of the action films lately (A-Team, Total Recall this summer) because when she tries to do a period film (The Illusionist, Easy Virtue) I laugh because no one had an ass like that back then.
Jessica on 7th Heaven

The Illusionist

Easy Virtue
In Total Recall, which looks pretty awesome
Though she has graced many a fashion magazine cover and claims to love fashion, I really don't think she does but she has come up with an eclectic style all on her own. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a certain Mr. Justin Timberlake on your arm.

It took her a little while to stop wearing gym clothes everywhere and now she has a great mix of classic with modern style.
Very Jackie O.

So lady like

Very classic wrap dress


A little bit of leather or pleather

Ruffles. Love the green.


This is a little Blanche from The Golden Girls but she pulls it off.

Love, love, love these pants. And I love that she wears them a lot. 



More baggy khakis

Gorgeous lace

One of her best. More peplum!

Great casual look.

Great Oscar dress

Orange and ladylike!

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