Thursday, July 26, 2012

How do we feel about this tie dye trend?

I enjoy a good tie dye shirt but can any of us really pull off a tie dye dress or pants? And by any of us,  I mean those that do not look like Brooklyn Decker or sell necklaces on Venice Beach. The tie dye look is sort of part of this whole patterned pants trend happening which I was originally against but am now very into thanks to these Ann Taylor Loft patterned pants that I have that make me feel like I am in 1987 when I wear them and it is awesome. And this pair I intend to get.

But back to tie dye? Is this something I am supposed to consider. Yes Fergie can do it but she is a rock star and Lauren Conrad has that great long blond hair and just looks like she was born to rock the dye.

But somehow Olivia Palermo managed to make tie dye look polished and prim. It's a talent she has.

Here are some other tie dye looks

Kate Bosworth

Jessica Alba

Minka Kelly

Eva Longoria

Leighton Meester

Ashley Tisdale

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  1. Not my favorite look but you have a great assortment of pics!