Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Katie Holmes/Rosemary's Baby Scientology Saga Is Absolutely Fantastic

On June 25 my world changed. Katie Holmes, our beloved Joey Potter turned sophisticated leading lady turned Stepford scientology wife to mother of the most fashionable child in the world, divorced her husband of five years, Tom Cruise. And it has been a wild ride of feminism, going to Whole Foods wearing awesome outfits, museum trips and the most brilliant PR strategy ever since.

What I really can't stop reading about is all the scientology stuff. The reports truly make it sound like Katie found herself starring in a updated version of Rosemary's Baby. In case you don't (which you really should because it is an awesome movie), Rosemary's Baby was a movie that came out in the late 1960s starring Mia Farrow. She plays a newlywed whose actor husband decides to sell his wife womb to a bunch of devil worshipers in exchange for a better career. Basically she ends up being impregnated with the devil's child. But the actual scary part is that her husband abused and lied to her in this way and made her be a part of the deal with the devil.
Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby

Scientology does not involve devil worship, that we know of, but there is something scary about the fact that when Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise her entire life changed and she did seem like the innocent wife who got taken over by this powerful man. She went from being an actress to being the celebrity wife of the most famous man on earth. She went from being an independent New York single girl to having to take black sedans everywhere and giant bodyguards. He also got her pregnant quite fast which tied her down.
Katie on The Creek

Katie BT (Before Tom)

Though honestly, Katie Holmes was a smart woman and I don't think she did this strictly for her career (which it didn't really help.) She did obviously fall in love with this man at some point and who can blame her? Katie was fully a part of the TomKat media campaign back in the summer of 2005. She was doing the interviews too sounding like a complete zombie. Read this W Magazine article. It is seriously terrifying. She was a walking robot.

The beginning of TomKat

Who can forget this cover?

And yes Tom is far from the hot guy dancing in his underwear but if he came on to you can you seriously say you would turn him down?   But obviously shit got weird and even though it looked like Katie was fully in support of only feeding her daughter cupcakes and candy and letting her wear dresses in 10 degree weather she actually did have some qualms. Especially when it came to Suri's religion. Even though Katie started out embracing Scientology, the Catholic-raised girl obviously didn't want to send her kid off to something called Sea Org where there is something called 'The Hole.' We cannot have our little Suri putting up with that. That child drinks more Starbucks than an Olsen twin.

So Katie decided to get out and became the ninja of divorces. The woman managed to secretly move out, hire three lawyers and take Suri to the museum (thanks in part to Papa Holmes.) But the real showmanship came after Katie filed as she managed to become the victim turned escape artist turned feminist. That's right Katie Holmes is being called a feminist. Her PR campaign has been amazing. God damn't, those bangs on the cover of Elle Magazine this month just scream liberation! Most celebrities would lay low after a bomb like this. Even the media whore that is Kim Kardashian took a few days off. But not Katie.

The evolution of her fashion is contributing to that feminist reputation as well. According to the press Katie stopped caring how she looked when she married Tom which I absolutely disagree with. She is somebody who often goes sans makeup and with wet hair (okay the boyfriend jeans weren't the best but she inspired a trend) but she certainly had her glamorous moments as well. Since announcing the divorce though she has been wearing leather leggings and orange dresses, the uniform of a young divorcee.

But anyway this is a Hollywood romance gone wrong that is truly one for the ages and we are obviously going to continue to find out more creepy stuff and I can't wait. 

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