Saturday, June 8, 2013

10 Fashion Lessons from Sex & the City (on the occasion of its 15th Anniversary!!!)

Can you believe it? Sex & the City debuted 15 years ago this week. At this time I was in high school and did not have cable so this had not hit my radar.

But soon this show got so big that everyone knew what it was and I felt completely left out. Luckily HBO (geniuses that they are) quickly pushed the series to video and DVD (that's right, I said video) and I was able to catch up. I probably didn't get half of the sexual references but boy did I get the fashion and being fabulous in New York part. That whole part I totally got and really wanted.

I may look like a Charlotte (Kristen Davis and I have some similar features) but all I wanted to be was a Carrie. The other day someone actually said I was like a real life Carrie Bradshaw except that is absolutely not true because A) I do not write about sex because it would be a super short article B) I do not go out on a date every night of the week with different guys. Seriously Carrie was like a female James Bond those first few seasons C) I do not defy the realities of the New York real estate market or a writer's salary which Carrie absolutely did. Rent controlled-schment controlled you cannot own that kind of wardrobe and that apartment without hooking on the side (which she kind of did in that one episode!)

But I did think it was a great show and though I know Girls is supposed to speak more to my generation (apparently we are all crazy and live in Brooklyn with horrible boyfriends and can't even put on a pair of pants to go to the emergency room to deal with our OCD) but I'd choose S&TC. You can get more of my thoughts on this over at Levo League.

I think the proper way to celebrate this anniversary is to look at the fashion lessons from the show and some of the best outfits. Here we go!

1) Who says you can't wear high heels everywhere

To the horse stables in Central Park? Sure! To walk across the city? Again, why not? Heels should be and can be worn for every occasion.

2) A black bra should never stop you from wearing a white shirt

Though Sarah Jessica Parker didn't do any nudity on S&TC we saw her assets a plenty.

3) Fur can be worn to baseball games

And shopping

Or traversing in the snow

Hey, how is this not practical? It keeps you warm. And it looks so good with her cigarette and beer.

4) If you can rock a big flower accessory, DO IT

Yes, it is a little Seussical the Musical but it is also amazing.

5) Ballerinas shouldn't get to have all the fun

The famous pink tutu skirt and of course, that amazing skirt from the series finale in Paris.

6) If you got the body, do wear the same dress as Miley Cyrus (this one's from Samantha) 

Frankly, I liked it better on Samantha

7) You can  never wear too many pearls

8) Wear these only if you are super confident
I do not understand that last one

The last one makes absolutely no sense.

9) Look fabulous even when you're just sitting around at home
Or just running around town

10) Always think: WWCBD (What Would Carrie Bradshaw Do?)

I actually really liked Berger until Post-It-gate

So simple but I love the chunky scarf

Partly worn because she was pregnant but I loved it

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  1. love this! especially the tulle skirt. because i have one and would wear it every day if i could.