Sunday, June 23, 2013

10 Looks I Am Obsessed With This Week

Summer may mean the slowdown of events but it does not mean the slowdown of fashion. Here are some of my favorite looks from this week.

I love this look on Gwyneth. Is she playing tennis? Is she at a party? Who knows. Dress by Alexander McQueen. 

Oh! Could she look any cuter! I love the bobbed hair. 

Oh Kiki. Whenever she gets dressed up it is just so cute. She just nails it with this Proenza Schouler LBD and matching shorts. 

I am obsessed with this Christian Dior ensemble Natalie Portman wore to her husband's benefit over the weekend. 

Reese is back and with a vengeance. She dresses up a jean ensemble like no one else. Love the striped jacket and the flats. 

This is possibly the most festive room

Rooney Mara never looks particularly happy but this may be her closest moment. This bold print Preen dress is positively almost girly and flirty. 

I can't find a full sho\t of her but I am a little obsessed with this loose white dress Kristin Wigg wore on The Graham Norton Show this week. 
                                                      Only Alexa Chung  could pull this off!

Oh Selma. Cute as always! A tunic top is perfect for summer! 

Here is my version of a perfect summer look via Selma Blair:

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