Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cheating Women Tend to Shop at Banana Republic Apparently

In a new really weird study from (enough said) it was found that women who tend to cheat also tend to shop at Banana Republic and J.Crew. So basically if you see a preppy and conservative lady they are probably cheating on their boyfriend or husband. The obvious move would be to start dressing really sexy (pushup bra, high heels, trench coat with nothing underneath) but the stealth move is to dress really buttoned up and wear nautical stripes with khaki capris. According to CEO Noel Biderman, "If your spouse suddenly seems more consumed with style and putting outfits together after spending years in sweatpants, that is a telltale sign she could be two timing." CEO Noel Biderman explained how the brand's "business casual merchandise perfectly suits the busy working woman, juggling work and family," which matches the profile of the site's average female user -- "a professional woman in her early 30s." Yes, she is juggling work, family and a lover on the side and for that she needs an eyelet peasant top.

The rest of the results were pretty predictable.

The rest of the results: 1) Banana Republic 2) J.Crew 3) Macy’s 4) Ann Taylor 5) H&M 6) Bebe 7) Lane Bryant 8) Chico’s 9) Lululemon 10) JC Penney But the study also found that cheating women like Marc Jacobs handbags, RayBan aviators and colored skinny jeans. Female cheaters, they're just like the rest of us!

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