Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ali MacGraw is a fashion icon

During this big week of fashion, I can't help but think of some of my favorite fashion icons. One of my favorites, who I think often goes unnoticed, is Ali MacGraw. She was the "it" girl in the 70's. If you haven't seen a film called Love Story then you are stupid. You also probably haven't cried as much as me but also stupid, because it is great. It is one of the first boy meets girl, boy marries girl, girl dies of tragic disease and wears make-up in her hospital bed. Love Story was just a great story (sorry for the lack of a better word) and it didn't need any vampires or special affects or computer geniuses (that was a weird reference to The Social Network because Love Story is also about Harvard students.) The film made stars out of Ryan O'Neal and Ali, a relatively unknown model at the time, and earned them both Oscar nominations. 

Ryan and Ali in Love Story

Ali, a Choate And Wellesley girl, was working as a photographic assistant at Harper's Bazaar for former editor Diana Vreeland and then went on to Vogue before someone finally figured out that she should be put in front of the camera. Her natural beauty and great style made her a fashion icon, plus the fact that she went on to marry the ridiculously cool Steve McQueen didn't hurt. Let's take a look at some of her best looks.

70's a go-go!

Her outfits in Love Story were to die for. Love this camel coat.
I am obsessed with this red dress from Love Story.

Oh so 70's


Ths is actually what Ali wore to the Oscars in 1971. You could wear crocheted hats back then and get away with it.

Big necklace alert!

Ali more recently

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