Sunday, September 11, 2011

I am so excited for Up All Night!

Have you seen the promos for the new NBC comedy Up All Night? The show looks amazing for a multitude of reasons:

1) Will Arnett is in it: I have loved Will since his Arrested Development days. I was obsessed with everyone on AD but Will was one of my favorites (though he will never be Michael Bluth, my true love.) He often stole the show as Gob and I even liked his show on Fox with Keri Russell (stick with Felicity sweetheart) that was doomed from the start. Plus, he is married to Amy Poehler. Don't that they just seem like the most fun couple?

2) Maya Rudolph is in it: Maya Rudolph may be one of the funniest women on the planet. Her character is supposed to be loosely based on Oprah (the Oprah) so that is totally awesome. P.S. how good was Bridesmaids? I would literally just watch Maya Rudolph sit in an empty room making weird noises.

3) Christina Applegate is in it: I actually used to dislike Christina Applegate. I hated Married with Children and thought she was annoying. But I really liked Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead but that is mostly because the plot was great and Josh Charles was in it (I mean he was in Dead Poet's Society and is on The Good Wife.) And then I hated that show she did called Jessie where she played a single mom. It was just dumb. But then Christina took on the lead in the Broadway musical Sweet Charity. I didn't see it but the reviews were good and it appeared that Christina actually had talent.

The girl can really dance and sing! And then she started doing all these projects I really liked like Anchorman and The Sweetest Thing (actually those were both really dumb. The Sweetest Thing makes no sense at all. Her guest spot on Friends was probably her best move.) And then Christina did a show called Samantha Who? and though only about 5 people besides me in America watched it, I loved it. I would have watched it for Christina Applegate's hair alone. I thought it was so cute and charming. I mean she made retrograde amnesia look like so much fun! Plus, it had Barry Watson (formerly of 7th Heaven) who I have always secretly loved even though his career is kinda sucky now. Anyway, Christina proved she is talented and I enjoy her and am glad she got another show.

Christina in Sweet Charity

Christina on Samantha Who?

4) Chritina Applegate and Will Arnett play parents: It is going to be hilarious!! Just watch the promo if you don't believe me.

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  1. hi i love to read ur blog...i love to watch UP All Night too!
    nice writing..keep it up..