Monday, September 12, 2011

That movie Tanner Hall looks intriguing

Have you heard of this film Tanner Hall? It is about a group of girls at an all-girls boarding school and you know, their meaningful experiences. As we know from films, girls that go to all-girls schools have the most  meaningful relationships and are usually the craziest. As someone who went to an all-girls school (but not a boarding school) I can say that is only half true. Teenage girls are pretty insane anyway but an all female institution doesn't bring down the crazy level at all. Though the girls in this film are definitely having more fun than I did with their British accents, their cute blazers and their 30-something sexy boyfriends (hello Tom Everett Scott. Loved you since That Thing You Do!), the closeness of the friends does ring a bell.
This is exactly what we did in gym class. Weird square dancing.

According to a review of the film from Paste Magazine, the plot is as follows:

Tanner Hall spins the tale of Fernanda’s (Rooney Mara) senior year at Tanner Hall, a picturesque boarding school in New England, where a painfully obnoxious yet charismatic childhood acquaintance, Victoria (Georgia King) enrolls. She brings with her enough tension to compromise Fernanda’s bond with her friends, Kate (Brie Larsen), a Lolita-esque siren clueless to the power of her sexuality, and Lucasta (Amy Ferguson), a tomboy questioning her desires.

 Tanner Hall is also interesting because Tatiana von F├╝rstenberg and Francesca Gregorini are the women who co-wrote, produced and directed the film. Hall is the daughter of onetime Bond girl Barbara Bach, who married Ringo Starr when Francesca was a teenager and Tatiana is, of course, the daughter of Diane von Furstenberg. Both women were raised speaking Italian, and each attended a boarding school in England. According to the LATimes, the women met when they were students at Brown.  "The movie's main characters embody both Gregorini's struggle with her sexuality and Von Furstenberg's flirtatiousness, among other characteristics. In the film, the girls rely upon and form rivalries with one another as they discover their sexuality."


 In case you haven't heard Rooney Mara is about to become the next big thing. After her great role in The Social Network (she was one of the three girls with lines) she won the coveted role of Lisbeth Sander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the trailer for the film looks insane.) Plus she is gorgeous and she is from the most ridiculous family ever. Her grandfather on her mother's side is Art Rooney, the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers and her father's father was the founder of the Giants, Tim Mara. Seriously?

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