Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The battle of the preppy bags: Are you a Longchamp or a JPK girl?

I don't know when I got obsessed with bags. Was it just one day suddenly or was it a gradual process? I remember in 6th grade I had this awesome tiny backpack (remember that fad? Like why were they so tiny? Did we think it made us look smaller?) that was shiny and purple from The GAP and it was pretty awesome. But I remember not being that into it in high school. I totally missed the Kate Spade train that everyone else was on and then I got in on the tail end of the whole little black Prada bag (meaning I bought a fake one on the street in New York). Now that I think about it, I believe it was when I was in my freshmen year of college, home for winter break that my mom decided to get me a little Coach purse. It was pretty cute and I just remember being really obsessed with it even though all it could hold was my Nokia phone (that I literally had no idea how to use. What a difference a year made), my ID and one lip gloss. And then the obsession really started to grow. Bags are just great because they change a whole outfit, mostly for the better.  I was very into LeSportsac bags for a bit because a lot of the older girls in my sorority had them and if anything I was a sheep. The flare jeans (before skinnies were all the rage), Puma sneakers, a hoodie and cute tee and a LeSportsac bag was my look and it all revolved around that bag. Junior year my roommate had this green bag that I was absolutely obsessed with and would steal from her all the time (plus I had these great green pointy heels that matched it). 

But it was really not until the end of college that I became obsessed with Longchamp bags. There are four bags that preppy girls carry: a big Longchamp bag (for school books and computers, perhaps gym stuff when you get older. You can also get the smaller ones but only after you get a big reliable one to get you through the day),. I am not sure if I love all the new things they are putting on the bags (what's up with those weird metals?) but whatever. The second bag is the  L.L. Bean boat bag this is for the more rugged preppy girl. It says yes I spend my summers in Nantucket but I also like to go camping. And then there is the Vera Bradley bag (probably a gift from your grandmother) screams I needlepoint in my spare time and have a friend named Kate. When you see a Vera Bradley game don't you just feel like taking a nap? And lately the JPK bag has become another preppy staple. It has a simple design like the Longchamp but comes in great vibrant color. I got mine in a rich purple. I don't even like purple but that is how good this color was. I may even like the JPKs better because they have a little bit of extra hardware going on which gives me an edge.

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