Sunday, November 18, 2012

9 Of The Best Fashion Movies

So Anna Karenina is coming out and as part of the promotion for the Keira Knightley film Banana Republic is doing a line in conjunction with the film. Now this worked really well when they did the line for Mad Men because frankly everyone is just a little sad that we all don't actually have to dress like that.

But Anna Karenina? Do people actually fantasize about wearing clothes from 19th century Aristocratic Russia? I mean maybe a fun fur hat once in a while but corsets and giant skirts? And that hair? I mean Keira Knightley looks perfect in anything but I don't know about the rest of us. Anyway, this got me thinking of films I would rather they make clothing lines based on:

#1 Almost Famous

A great film and Kate Hudson's awesome hippie queen groupie wardrobe is spectacular. They should roll that out. Kate Hudson's Penny Lane literally radiates light in this film. It's been downhill for Kate since this film  but she'll always have it.

 I especially love the blue dress she wears when she takes all the drugs.

#2 Atonement

The green dress Keira Knightley wears in Atonement is the BEST DRESS EVER. Like, seriously. They should have just sold that dress. Actually second hand copies of the dress were sold for as much as $46,000 but I was thinking more like $46.

The fashion in the rest of the movie isn't that notable and the movie pretty much makes you want to kill yourself because it is so damn depressing after the first half hour (but it does have that awesome sex scene.) Just watch this movie for the green dress and the beautiful score.

#3 Emma

Okay so I know I am against the Anna Karenina Banana Republic thing because it such period clothing  but the empire waist dress always goes in and out of fashion and the beautiful dresses Gwyneth Paltrow wore in Emma were gorgeous.

#4 Love Story

Oh my gosh. Every outfit Ali McGraw wears in this iconic film is amazing. From the matchin coats and skirts to that great red dress. They need to bring these clothes back!

#5 Breakfast at Tiffany's

I mean pretty much anything Audrey Hepburn has ever worn in any film or in real life is a piece of fashion history but Breakfast at Tiffany's probably takes the cake, for me at least. Of course all her LBDs and just walking around the city clothes are amazing but I think my favorite look may be her tuxedo night shirt and those amazing gorgeous earplugs and the mask. I would wear that to go out and she is wearing it for bed!

#6 Great Expectations

The film didn't do that well but everyone remembers Gwyneth Paltrow's amazing green Donna Karen wardrobe. From Entertainment Weekly:

The designer used pieces from her Fall '96 collection to dress Gwyneth Paltrow's Estella in this modern re-telling of the classic Charles Dickens story. Paltrow's emerald, olive and hunter green costumes were echoed in those worn by the film's extras to create a stylish color-coordinated effect.

#7 An Education

The looks in this great film were pretty similar to Mad Men's but Carey Mulligan's wardrobe was just especially amazing.

# 8 Clueless

I mean if knee socks and plaid skirts weren't so synonomous with Britney Spears videos I would wear them everyday. And Clueless was just fashion perfection. Every dress she wears is amazing in this film and it is just hilarious. Perfection.

Wouldn't you work out more if you could wear one of these outfits?

#9 There's Something About Mary

Okay, so now I am really just getting into fashion from movies but I remember as a young teen just loving Cameron Diaz's wardrobe in the horribly raunchy There's Something About Mary. It was all capris and ballet flats and it was awesome. 

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