Sunday, November 25, 2012

People are saying Jessica Biel is dressing like an old lady, but I think it's fabulous!

Jessica Biel has always had a very unique style that has usually received mix reviews. But lately she has been getting really hated upon because people are saying she is sporting a lot of old lady fashion, perhaps because she was inspired by her costar Helen Mirren in the new film Hitchcock. However, I think she has been looking better than ever. Well, except for this ensemble which is way too Liza with a Z.

But I seriously love those blue pants above and the coat is on my list of things I must hunt down.

And this dress certainly isn't old-ladyish. 

And, of course, I love that she is totally into the smoking slippers look. 

 Okay this is a bit too Laura from The Glass Menagerie meets Blanch from The Golden Girls.

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