Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Fashion of Gossip GIrl

It seems like only yesterday that I was watching the commercial for the Gossip Girl pilot. I remember thinking "Rich kids? In New York? What a great idea!" It was like 90210 but with class and intellect plus texting and blogs.

Plus, they basically started filming it when I moved to New York so it was like the cast and I were on the same path. I remember I saw Chace Crawford filming one of the pilot scenes in Central Park and I was thinking what is this show? Gossip what? But I do remember thinking he was one of the prettiest boys I had ever seen. Over the course of that year I became a fan of the show. Not a huge fan but I definitely paid attention and I LOVED LOVED the fashion. But there were some good plot lines. I mean the kids were just having sex like everywhere: school, Campbell's Apartment, limos. Serena like had a threesome and then murdered a dude, Eric was gay, Blair was bulimic and wore headbands and Nate became homeless in a mansion. Oh and Vanessa was from Brooklyn. We were always reminded on GG that there were two kids of people: those from the Upper East Side and hippies from Brooklyn. Plus, I did often get to see them filming and in the spring I got to go to the Nylon Magazine party hosted by the cast. My claim to fame is that Chace Crawford and I were both complaining about not being able to get a drink.

But then the show got weird. Not weird but just less good. The second season was good and super popular and it just became all the rage. Plus the cast became super famous. Blake Lively or Big Boobs McGee as I call her and Penn Badgley were the adorable couple, Leighton Meester was getting into her singing, Taylor Momsen still wasn't scary, Chace Crawford was just really pretty but I have no idea what happened on the show. At some point Jenny wanted to be in fashion and started wearing too much eye shadow (and then in real life she just went ape shit crazy and now wears nothing but fishnets.) And then Serena was just dating everyone and Blair didn't get into Yale cause she like blackmailed teachers. And then they all went to Columbia and NYU for a day with Hilary Duff but now they all have jobs running magazines with Elizabeth Hurley. I got so sick of the show that it was only slightly exciting when they would film outside my office every month. It became like, "Oh, there is Leighton Meester outside CVS again. What else is new?"

But what has always been incredible about GG is the fashion. From the start it was a hit. It mixed classic New York with the trendiest of trends. Designer Eric Daman was a genius when it came to dressing Manhattan's elite. Blair made it cool to wear headbands with tights and blazers. And, of course, those Tory Burch flats! I remember walking past all the New York private school girls with their little skirts and TB flats and realizing I was wearing the exact same outfit. Of course, they had nicer bags. But I will miss the fashion of this show.
Red tights? But it looks cool

But let's take a look at why the fashion of Gossip Girl was so amazing.

And thus was born the headband look

Dressing like a doily never looked so good

Love it all

Hamptons outfits

It's Queen Elizabeth meets something backless. 

Now that she is in college Blair wears blazers. Shiny, metallic blazers. 

Oh beautiful!

Oh my God. Love everything happening here. I want my future Christmas Card to look like this. 

Oh I loved how Serena sort of wore a uniform but really didn't. 

Who says you can't wear sparkles and the middle of the day

Pink pants

I mean, is it a dress? Is it a shirt? Doesn't matter! Just throw a sparkly jacket on it!

So this is when the designer just decided that Serena's boobs needed to be a featured character on the show. My favorite was when she had to stay in a cabin upstate with no heat and she called and complained to her married boyfriend/24 year old Senator about being cold. She may have been cold because she wasn't a bra or pants with her sweater. 

Oh my favorite ever (well not the hooker shoes)


  1. glad you posted this. I too was a Gossip Girl fan right from the start, but stopped watching after Season 2. I've recently been catching up on Netflix (halfway through Season 4 currently), and while the storylines have grown a bit mundane/ridiculous, the fashion keeps me hooked. That blue pants/metallic jacket Serena wore in Paris is my favorite outfit as well -- Boobs McGee knows how to work the couture. :)

  2. Hello girl!
    I´ve just discover your blog and I love it!!
    I follow you. Do u follow me back?
    I love Gossip Girl but the 3 first seasons, the it became in something less interesting, but about fashion it is awesome!

    Kisses from a spanish girl who lives in Shanghai :)