Sunday, July 24, 2011

Emma Stone has looked awesome this week!

Emma Stone has had a very busy week and has managed to look awesome while doing it. As I predicted Emma Stone (who I have a massive girl crush on in case you couldn't tell) is the girl of the summer. She has a small but hilarious part in Friends With Benefits (John fucking Mayer!) which was way better than No Strings Attached and a love song to the city of New York, and then this Friday we finally have Crazy, Stupid, Love. And then in August we have The Help which I am so excited for I can't even put it into words. Plus the teaser trailer for The Amazing Spider Man was released which also looks amazing.

Despite the 100 degree heat in New York Emma managed to look stunning as she went around the city promoting her new films.
Looking gorgeous in red

Well he always helps to make an outfit look better

Love the green lace with her red hair

Staying cool in a pink dress

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