Sunday, July 17, 2011

I love Olivia Palermo's Style!

Not her attitude so much but her style oh yes. Though you do have to admit her bitchiness made the otherwise really boring City so much better. Plus, it was amazing to watch her not do anything at work and get complimented when she put in literally the least amount of effort in possible. I mean really Joe Zee? You are like a real person. So common decency or compassion she may not have but amazing taste, she absolutely does. Whitney Port even admitted that Olivia was more stylish than her. She mixes preppy with trendy which I love and she is a girl that likes a good necklace so she is okay in my book. Here are some of my favorite Olivia looks!

Gorgeous color!

Necklace and stripes

Love that she loves dressy shorts

Great pattern and necklace

Shorts with tights

Love this flowy top with shorts

You always need a cute beach cover-up

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