Monday, July 4, 2011

The girl in the yellow dress

I am obsessed with the color yellow, especially for dresses but I have never been able to find a great yellow dress for me. With this special color you have to be very careful but if you do it right you can totally steal the show. In fact, in the musical Contact there is an entire segment of the play constructed around "the girl in the yellow dress." Basically, her dress prompted everyone to dance to "Simply Irresistible" in perfect choreography. If I ever get a great yellow dress I plan on doing the same dance. But here are some of my  most favorite yellow dresses.
Well she can wear anything but Angelina traditionally sticks to black so this was a change for her.

This is actually a Gossip Girl outfit from Season 1 and it is amazing. Tiered and yellow. Incredible.

These are both a little busy for me with the black but it shows how you can make yellow more edgy.

The LYD. How has she popped out three babies?

This is one of my favorite Oscar dresses of all time. Even though she weighs five pounds and is really shiny Renee's 50s-era Jean Desses dress is amazing.

Classic Jessica.

Loe this. Very retro and I love the statement necklace.

I adored Kate's dress in How to Lose a Guy  in 10 Days. 

Kate loves yellow in real life too.


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