Monday, June 13, 2011

J.Crew J'Adore

J.Crew is seriously my favorite clothing store. I just think of color when I hear the words J.Crew. And I just feel happier when I walk into a J.Crew store. It probably has something to do with bright colors and endorphins. Or maybe buying things just really makes me happy. Haha. I'm shallow. Anyway, I can't really remember exactly when the obsession started though I do remember being very happy whenever that catalogue arrived in the mail. I would devour it! Plus, does everyone remember when the cast of Dawson's Creek was in the catalogue? J.Crew pretty much sponsored that show.

 I also loved it last fall when the cast of the little seen but very good film The Romantics based on the book by Galt Niederhoffer. So Katie Holmes was once again doing another J.Crew campaign. She must have some sort of life-long contract with them.

Of course, at that point the clothes were still a little old for me but by high school things were finally starting to look pretty good. I think I had rugby shirts that were exactly the same but in slightly different shades of orange. I probably would have a worn a potato sack if it said J.Crew on it (who am I kidding? I still would). And I mean now kids can wear it with Crew Cuts? Sometimes those clothes are way cooler than my stuff. I mean I pretty much consider everything Suri Cruise wears. Not really but actually kinduv. 

The store just continues to amaze me. With Jenna Lyons and her amazing sense of style at the helm the store continues to brand and just find new ways to use sparkles and make striped shirts. Read more about Jenna here. I am pretty sure I have bought 100 J.Crew striped shirts in my lifetime.
The adorable and amazing Jenna Lyons

I'm not even going to talk about how awesome people wear the brand like Michelle Obama but I am just saying.
Michelle Obama

Bryce Dallas Howard in old J.Crew at the MTV Movie Awards

Katie again

I don't know why you would wear a train hat with your bathingsuit or need a purse but it looks cute.



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