Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fairy tales are the New Vampires

If you still think vampires are all the rage well then you are dead wrong. You are about to get so sick of "Once Upon A Time" you will not even believe it (there is actually a new show called Once Upon A Time coming to ABC this fall). Somewhere in the midst of all the aliens, vampires and warewolves Hollywood executives remembered there were these things called fairytales and they went crazy. Now we already saw a glimpse of that with this past spring's Red Riding Hood which got terrible reviews because it was a complete Twilight rip-off except with no half naked Taylor Lautner. I mean how could it succeed?

But now we here there are not one but two Snow White films in the works one is Snow White and The Huntsmen starring Kristen Stewart as the pale princess (or K Stew which I learned tonight from the cultural zeitgeist that is The MTV Movie Awards) and Charlize Theron as the evil queen. This one is kinda karate kid (the one with Hilary Swank) meets Snow White as the huntsmen helps Snow White become a warrior to overtake the queen. And then Julia Roberts stars as the queen in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White and up and comer Lily Collins plays Snow White. In this one Snow and the dwarves plan revenge on the queen. Basically things are not looking good for evil queens.

Well TV also didn't want to fall too far behind the trend. There are two shows coming to network television this fall about fairytale characters. They are similar in that both take place in the current day and then it turns out real people were these characters in a past/parallel life or still are these people secretly. The first one is Once Upon a Time which has some potential since it stars Ginnifer Goodwin (as Snow White of course) and was written by some of the people that were involved with the masterpiece that was Lost. The other one is called Grimm and is about a really hot modern day cop who thinks he is going crazy when he starts seeing weird images of evil people. It turns out he is a Grimm and there are evil characters from fairy tale legends all around him including a creepy modern day big bad wolf. Those weren't the best descriptions so watch the trailers below.

Just be prepared to start joining Team Snow White and Team Evil Queen. I always preferred the evil queens myself. They had much cooler accessories. Ugh there are gonna be so many more annoying Halloween costumes this year.

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