Monday, June 27, 2011

Christina Ricci Is A Secret Prepster!

Since we were talking about Pan Am in the last post I couldn't help but think about Christina Ricci's style. Christina has been around for so long. Most people remember her best as a kid when she played the morose Wednesday in The Addams Family but my favorite film in which she is the cutest child ever was the film Mermaids. If you haven't seen it rent it now. Cher, Winona Ryder (right before she got really big and then went into her shop-lifting phase) and Christina star as one of the greatest mother-daughters teams ever. It is like Gilmore Girls except with a ton more sex and alcoholism. Because of that film I have a dream of only serving my children appetizers for every meal (see the movie and you'll get it).

Then Christina entered those awkward teenage years and made a lot of films where she kissed Devon Sawa. Come on. Admit you still love Now & Then. Then Chris decided to do some really weird artsy films like Bastard out of Carolina, That Darn Cat (well except for that one. You gotta pay the rent), The Ice Storm (which is amazing and Katie Holmes' film debut), The Opposite of Sex, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Sleepy Hollow, Prozac Nation (which makes you want to die). Then I forgot she did that weird stint on Ally McBeal and one of my favorite new Woody Allen films, Anything Else (worth the rental).
In Black Snake Moan

You can't say the girl doesn't make interesting choices. You think she is a purely independent film actress but then she'll do a TV stint or a big film like Speed Racer. And then she does something like Black Snake Moan (in which she got super skinny) and now here she is on Pan Am. As for her style, she did definitely go through a rebellious teen phase but now she is a total prepster. She loves J.Crew and even puts her dogs in argyle sweaters. Let's take a look at some of her best looks.

Very retro

So cute and tiny

Even though it is weird with the heart I think it is gorgeous

Elegant in black

Love the bag and the dog

Stripes! Cute coat! Skinny jeans! Flats!


Love the peach jacket and stripes!

Cute blue dress. Not loving the haircut on her.

Very cute. Girl loves her Chanel.

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