Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globes Fashion: The good, the bad and Anne Hathaway annoys me

Oh the Golden Globes. It was a great show and can we say Girl Power! I feel like men weren't even there, well except for Clooney and Affleck. I will quickly go over the highlights (because I'm falling asleep.)

1)Tina and Amy: Awesome! Great jokes, loved the costumes, referring to Bill as Hillary Clinton's husband and I totally called sitting on George's lap.

2)Jodie Foster is amazing: I, like Amy Poehler, also want to go home with Jodie Foster. Because she is such a private person (and I just can't watch Silence of the Lambs without having nightmares) I have forgotten how smart she is. Her speech was powerful, touching, poignant and just wonderful. She also reminded us, just because she is a celebrity, she doesn't have to declare she is gay!

3) Anne Hathaway is so annoying: I was discussing this with a friend earlier today. We figured out what the deal with Anne is. She is that annoying drama geek who actually made it. She is so corny and thrilled with herself and it is just so annoying. No one cares that you were in the Princess Diaries! 

4) Girls ruled all. I don't think it quite deserved Best Comedy series (those poor folks at Big Bang Theory) but it was great to see Lena win (even though she actually couldn't walk) and the fact that she thanked Chad Lowe was amazing.

5) Argo fuck yourself. I have no idea why Ben Affleck hasn't been nominated for an Oscar for Directing because his film is probably going to win Best Picture but tonight was his night. 

6) Taylor Swift is kind of a brat. She gave Adele the stink eye when she won (who was, of course, adorable) and I agreed with Tina Fey that she does need some alone time. 

Now on to the fashion! I have to say, this was not an outstanding year. I honestly didn't love anything. Weird cutouts seemed to be the main draw and I will never understand the fascination with a nude-colored dress. But let's take a look:
Not bad but weird collar

Beautiful. It would look great if she wasn't pregnant but it looks great now too. 

I like it until the shoes/

Emily is usually perfect but this is a little busy for me but she pulls it off. 

Zosia Mamet plays it cool. 

I feel like I should hate this but I like it. 

This actually may be fav even though it is simple. Plus, her bit was great. 

Beautiful Michelle Dockery


Love, but again boring. And she needs to eat a sandwich right now. 

Always gorgeous.

I just feel like we're at a Miss America pageant but that was last night.

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