Saturday, January 26, 2013

OMG! 2013 may be the year of Keri Russell!

In case you hadn't heard Sundance is happening right now. It is really a dream of mine to go there someday. It just seems like all day you get to walk around in awesome apres ski outfits (which is my favorite part of skiing), watch awesome films and get really cool swag in beautiful Park City.

But anyway, in case you hadn't heard, women are ruling Sundance this year and one of the most buzzed about films is Austenland. In the film, Keri Russell (who doesn't love her?!) plays a woman named Jane Hayes who is obsessed with Jane Austen and goes to a Jane Austen theme park (do these actually exist?) where hilarity and romance ensues. The cast includes Jennifer Coolidge, Georgia King, Jane Seymore and the amazing Bret Mackenzie (Flight of the Conchords and he wrote all the songs for The Muppets!) What a brilliant idea and Keri Russell is just the cutest and besides Bedtime Stories (and I think Adam Sandler literally drugs actresses to do his films. I mean explain Jack and Jill?) she usually makes wise film choices like Waitress!

Keri also has a new TV series coming to FX. It is called The Americans and it looks pretty interesting. If you like Homeland or Zero Dark Thirty but also like the cold war then this may be the show for you. It is a spy drama centering around KGB agents masquerading as American citizens in 1980's America. Fun! It sounds very un-Felicity but I think it could be great. Plus, the 80's are just so hot right now. 

Speaking of Felicity, who didn't love that show? I actually remember finding the first season to be a bit too hard to watch because she was so humiliating but by the second season she calmed down a bit (except for that rating-changing haircut) 

and it became an excellent show (and she is truly beautiful with any haircut.) I, of course, preferred Ben and Felicity because Scott Speedman is possibly the hottest man ever but Noel was really wonderful too. But the music was great and though those kids didn't party as much as normal college kids, it captured some aspects of the college experience. 

After Felicity Keri worked on films mostly but then she did return to TV with the short-lived but pretty funny Running Wilde.  The show had all the right elements - created by the Arrested Development guys and starred Will Arnett-but sadly it failed. 

But The Americans may have a real shot. People friggin' love Homenland. Like more than life itself. And in some ways, Keri belongs on television. I mean she did start on The Mickey Mouse Club and who can forget the amazing tour de force that was Malibu Shores (The O.C. kind of ripped this show off. Well I suppose any show about white, rich misunderstood kids was ripped off by The O.C.)

But now let's look at some of her best outfits. Honestly Keri has such a great simple style (she looks like she stepped out of a meadow constantly) and would look amazing in a burlap sack because she is so DARN PRETTY but she also has great style. 

Great street style

Love pink

Simple and gorgeous

One of my favorite Oscar dresses. A Nina Ricci masterpiece. 


Such a cute pregnant lady!

Simple again and stunning


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