Sunday, January 20, 2013

So I kind of love Ashley Tisdale's Style

I know. It is a weird one. But there is something about The Tiz that you got to love. Basically she dresses like a really classy sorority girl (yeah she wore the velour pants, hoodie with the Ugg boots look into the ground.) Basically her style is really cute workout clothes with giant Louis Vuitton bags. But then once in a while she will have an awesome style moment that is kind of bad ass. She dresses like a classic Jersey girl who woke up one day and realized she was a gajillionaire (those friggin' High School Musical kids made bank. Never underestimate the power of a Disney Channel kid)

In her high school musical days. It's bad all around. 

so as a result she bought every Louis Vuitton bag ever made. Sometimes she goes a little too far in one direction but most of the time she gets it right. I'm not saying I am a huge fan of her work though she was arguably the comic relief in High School Musical and I enjoyed that Hellcats show but she is a decent producer. Then again her best friend is Vanessa Hudgens so minus 20.


So sorority

Love those pants!

Sort of a Dances with Wolves meets Kardashian. The bag is bigger than her!


Uggs and sweatpants!

Of course

I love this dress

A little bit ripped but she works it

If she didn't have the LV backpack it is a bit streetwalker

Actually love this.  She is like a naughty prairie girl


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