Saturday, January 12, 2013

So I may have given into the wedge sneaker trend

When I first saw these wedge sneakers I thought those are ridiculous. Only the Kardashians are going to wear those. And isn't the whole point of sneakers to be flat and athletic? But then everyone started wearing them. And by everyone I mean celebrities whose style I love (of course they are all wearing the Isabel Marant ones) and cool 21 year old NYU students I see on the street. 
Baller. I think she is the only person who could pull them off with a skirt. 

Ugh. And she has the Celine bag? Unfair!

I just feel cooler when I wear them and like I could participate in a street dance off (Step Up 2 style) if the opportunity came about.

Plus if I wear them with a black hooded coat, black pants and a black hat and sunglasses I kind of feel like The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo.

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