Sunday, February 24, 2013

So let's talk about Cressida Bonas...

And who may you ask is Cressida Bonas? Clearly you haven't been reading blogs and gossip magazines since Thursday. This girl is now a household name because she is dating Prince Harry which means someday she may be....the woman who is not queen because that will probably be Kate Middleton.

From The Hollywood Gossip:

The couple went skiing in Verbier, Switzerland; Sarah Ferguson, Harry's aunt and a family friend to Cressida, was also present. The London socialite, who's been linked to him since May, is "keeping everything very close to her chest and isn't talking about Harry to anyone."

"She's very low-key and not a high-maintenance kind of girl, which is why it didn't surprise any of us when they first got together," adds the source. "She's not affected by fame and she certainly isn't intimated by the fact Harry's royal. Cressida is a high-society girl and has always mixed in those circles, but she's incredible, fun and easy to be around. She's a good choice for him. She knows how to be discreet and she can cope with the pressure of being with him."

So really this ain't no big thing, but the world is freaking out. So for your next cocktail party this is what you should know about Cressida Bonas, one half of the power couple in Harida or Cresry.

1) She has really pretty blond flowy hair. It's that kind that just looks like you are always walking in the beach and know how to play guitar.

2) Educated at £30,000-a-year Stowe School in Buckingham, before going to Leeds University to study dance. Yup, that's right. Harry is dating a dancer. My god. He is such a younger brother. 

3) Her mother is Lady Mary Gaye, a Sixties It girl with five kids from four different husbands (all of whom she divorced). So Cressida probably no baggage whatsoever.

4)  First linked to Prince Harry last summer after they were seen together after the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises.

5) Apparently Princess Euginie set up her cousin with Cressida (that's the one who didn't wear the sperm hat.)

6) Appears at 27 on The Tatler List, so you know she is going places. 

7) She can ski and hug at the same time

8) She may give Pippa a run for her money in the ass department

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