Thursday, February 7, 2013

10 Reasons to be Obsessed with Lizzy Caplan (besides this amazing Vena Cava fashion film)

Oh Lizzy Caplan. You are just amazing. Sometimes I just forget a bit because she isn't on every magazine cover or on any of the gossip sites but then she puts something amazing out like this parody fashion film for Vena Cava. It is absolutely brilliant. It's everything you hate about those weird abstract fashion videos or even those weird Fruit of the Loom ads with Kate Bosworth

This one has classic fashion film ranting lines like:

"Sometimes I think to myself in French and listen to old records from the 60's. They're way better than stuff today. I've been writing a lot as well. I haven't posted anything recently because my guy friend whose good at computers is helping me reformat my blog."

And of course this is all said as she twirls around in a flower crown.

She also has a really cool film coming out with Alison Brie, Save the Date. It may be her first real starring role which is pretty exciting. Yes, this is a romantic comedy about a wedding but if you think it is like those 600 predictable films about weddings, it looks like you would be wrong.

But there are many other reasons Lizzy Caplan is awesome and one of my favorite actresses/celebrity personalities. Let's take a look.

1) Mean Girls

Umm it is the greatest film of our time and Janice Ian was amazing.

2) Her style

I mean weighing two pounds also helps but Lizzy has always had a really cool and original sense of style.

3) She was on Freaks & Geeks

And as we know, only awesome people were on this show. But they were usually dudes so it is nice to see a girl come out of that show.

4) She managed to be more charming than Zooey Deschanel on her own show

Zooey is adorkable and all but when Lizzy guest-starred as high strung lawyer Julia and Nick's love interest she was pretty darn cute and funny. And I kind of almost prefer her and Nick together over Jess and Nick (though that kiss last week was super hot!)

5) She was the funniest part of Bachelorette (and Rebel Wilson was in Bachelorette)

If you haven't seen Bachelorette, then rent it now. Lizzy Caplan is absolutely hilarious in this dark comedy. Though she is kind of my worst fear I wanted to be her at the same time.

6) She is often paired with Adam Scott

Lizzy has worked with Adam on Party Down and in Bachelorette (hence why I wanted to be her in the film.) He is one of my television boyfriends. I just feel like if we were all at a party I would hang out with them.

7) She was in Hot Tub Time Machine

It is a totally awesome, hilarious and underrated film and she got to be in the 1980s and woo John Cusack.

8) She made a terrible WB tv show (where she had to have blond hair) and survived

The show, Related, was pretty bad but Lizzy was the only good part about it. And for some reason they made her have weird blond hair and wear a lot of scarves.

9) She has been dating Matthew Perry for years

Aww Chandler Bing and Janice Ian.

10) She is over this whole "women are now funny" argument

Totally insulting,” she said to The Hollywood Reporter. “Because we comedic actresses knew that we could be funny, even though I guess everybody conveniently forgot that for a few years. But I think Bridesmaids is a totally hilarious movie, and if that’s the one that reminded everyone of the fact, then I couldn’t love it anymore, but maybe that makes me like it slightly even more.”
In an interview at Sundance last year she said of Bachelorette, “When you’re a girl in a movie, you mostly get to say, ‘Now behave, boys.’ In Bachelorette we got to act as bad as the guys do.” She said this whole cinematic movement means better roles for actresses in general. When talking with her actress colleagues she says, “”The dinner parties are far more enjoyable since no one is saying, ‘Why do we have to watch boys do everything fun?’ It’s just not like that anymore."

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