Monday, February 11, 2013

Two yellow dresses that made me happy this week and how are Allison Williams and Katy Perry BFFs?

Whew! It seems like we have some huge awards show or Super Bowl every week right now! Anyway, I didn't pay that much attention to the Grammy's last night. I think I missed Justin Timberlake's whole comeback (but I fully support it) but I did see my fav new band The Lumineers sing and that great tribute to The Band's Levon Helm featuring Elton John, Mumford and Sons and many others.

But when I started watching all I saw was Allison Williams sitting next to Katy Perry. Then I read on the internet that Allison was Katy's date. What a weird pair. Allison is all Yale, and my father is a newscaster and I really have skinny arms while Katy is like cupcake necklaces, and probably didn't finish high school and is dating John Mayer even after every other single person has. But good for them. And then I see Lena Dunham with her boyfriend Jack Antonoff one of the members of Fun., which did very well last night. I didn't even have to watch Girls to see the Girls. Plus, I actually preferred the Grammy Girls to last night's real Girls in which I don't think Lena Dunham had her clothes on for more than three minutes in a row. If you had played a drinking game where you drank every time Lena was naked you would have been really, really drunk. Like possibly vomiting.

Anyway, Allison looked gorgeous as usual and Lena looked very pretty as well in her gorgeous yellow dress. It was a funkier look than what she sported at The Golden Globes and I think it worked well for her.

And speaking of yellow dresses, the beautiful Marion Cotillard also wore a spectacular yellow Christian Dior dress to the BAFTAs. The color was gorgeous but like Jennifer Lawrence's SAG dress it had that weird tear in the middle that looks more horrible malfunction than au couture. But anyway there is just something about yellow dresses that I adore, especially in bleak winter.

Anyway, here are some other yellow dresses to brighten up your day:

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